This page originally contained an on-line sign up option (for people to join the SCGC) and some options for donations to support the efforts of the coalition. Given that S-2863 was denied, this archived version of the website does not have those sections. Anyone looking at this website after 1 October 2015 who wishes to join in the broader effort to stop any company from attempting to do what Costco tried to do in Wheaton, MD is urged to join the Mega Gas Station Setback Coalition (MGSSC) the website for which is here. While the SCGC is no longer actively soliciting contributions, the Chair will still accept contributions to help repay members of the Coordinating Committee (see below) who donated a large portion of the funds the SCGC used to defray its costs. If you wish to contribute, please send a check to:

Abigail B. Adelman, Chair
3206 University Blvd. W.
Kensington, MD 20895



Abigail Adelman, Chair, Email
Diane Cameron, Audubon Rep, Email
Karen Cordry, KHCA Rep, Email
Pat Mulready, CSK Rep, Email
Danila Sheveiko, KHCA Rep, Email
Larry Silverman, Environment, Email
TBA, Webmaster, Email


Organizations Supporting Our Cause

Audubon Naturalist Society (for info click here)
Committee to Save Kensington (for info click here)
Montgomery County Civic Federation (for details click here)

We are in contact with a number of other activist organizations, in the hope/expectation that they will express support for our cause and allow us to indicate their support here. But all such groups have policies that require following a careful process before such decisions are made. We know that some members of other organizations have already joined us, but until further notice, we will list all individual members of SCGC as being residents of the neighborhood/city/state they designate (without indicating any affiliation). [We hope to add several more people to our Coordinating Committee, drawn from organizations that support our cause, choose to join us, and designate a representative; but how that process will unfold has not yet been determined.]


Lois Adelman, New York, NY
Susan Aguilar, Silver Spring, MD
Lara Akinbami, Kensington, MD
Ann Arevalo, Kensington Heights, MD
Charles Armstrong, Kensington Heights, MD
Alan Banov, Kensington (Rock Creek Hills), MD
Judy BeachUhlman, Kensington, MD
Elizabeth Brennan, Kensington (Parkwood), MD
Pamela Broomall, Kensington (Homewood), MD
Diane Cameron, Kensington, MD
Deb Bryant, Kensington Heights, MD
Sam Campbell, North Bethesda, MD
Mary Ann Carter, Kensington Heights, MD
Judy Cochran, Kensington Heights, MD
Gretchen Cooley, Durham, NC
Jim Core, Kensington Heights, MD
Margaret Crowley, Kensington (Homewood), MD
Gail Dalferes, Kensington, MD
Michael Davison, Roslindale, MA
Angela Day, Kensington Heights, MD
Carl Day, Kensington Heights, MD
Peggy Dennis, Potomac, MD
Deb Donelson, Kensington, MD
David Dunnell, Kensington, MD
Susan Dunnell, Kensington, MD
David Elder, Kensington Heights, MD
Brian England, Columbia, MD
Betty Epanchin, Greensboro, NC
Jeannette Feldner, Wheaton, MD
Aaron Field, Kensington, MD
Lindsay Field, Kensington, MD
Andy Fraser, Kensington Heights, MD
Rhonda Friedman, Potomac, MD
Maria Fusco, Potomac, MD
Jill Gallagher, Kensington, MD
Laura Greene, Kensington Heights, MD
Michael Gurwitz, Silver Spring, MD
Sonya Jevcak, Kensington Heights, MD
Andy Harbert, Kensington, MD
Will Hinton, Kensington Heights, MD
Deborah Houseworth, Chevy Chase, MD
Debi Klein, Silver Spring, MD
Laura Kervitsky, Kensington Heights, MD
Jesse McGee, Silver Spring, MD
Hugo Mogollon, Silver Spring, MD
Joan Moyers, Chevy Chase, MD
Mary-Margaret Patterson, Chevy Chase, MD
Kate O'Sullivan, Silver Spring, MD
Bianca Pastran, Silver Spring, MD
Phyllida Paterson, Silver Spring, MD
Leanne Pfautz, Kensington, MD
Carol Rothenberg, Rockville, MD
Dick Rothenberg, Rockville, MD
Kathy Rushing, Silver Spring, MD
Paul Ruskin, Kensington Heights, MD
Julie Ryan-Silva, Silver Spring, MD
Martin Safer, Kensington Heights, MD
Andrea Santy, Silver Spring, MD
Allan G. Savage, Kensington Heights, MD
Donna R. Savage, Kensington Heights, MD
James Schmidt, Kensington Heights, MD
Doug Sims, Kensington Heights, MD
Maria Sithens, Kensington Heights, MD
Maria Sklar, Silver Spring, MD
Michael Smith, Silver Spring, MD
James Stinson, Kensington Heights, MD
Lydia Sullivan, Rockville, MD
Bill Trott, Kensington Heights, MD
Erin Tuel, Wheaton, MD
Donald Twomey, Boston, MA
Jeff Waldstreicher, Kensington, MD
Steven Weiss, Kensington, MD
Bonnie Wicklund, Chevy Chase, MD